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Working while you study in the UK

09-12-02010 | 11:53:02

'You can make your UK study experience work even harder for your future by gaining some valuable work experience. Getting a job while you study in the UK can improve your language skills and enhance your CV. Your future employer will be looking for smart, creative,

Why Study in Japan and How to Select School

09-12-02010 | 11:33:24

Japanese language school, vocational school, college, undergraduate course, master course and doctoral course could be your choice of studying in Japan.

• What is CaseTrust? (09.12.02010)

• Singapore Education (09.12.02010)

• Singapore's Education System (09.12.02010)

Why study in Australia?

09-12-02010 | 11:22:13

Australia - a place where your quality of education is guaranteed How can you be sure that the schools, universities and training institutions you’ll read about on this website will deliver on what they promise?

• Study in Australia (09.12.02010)

Why Study in the USA

09-12-02010 | 11:49:28

Maybe you want the very best education available. Maybe you want to put your career on the fast track by perfecting your English and working with top professionals in your field. Whatever your reasons

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